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Budget Focal Points

Financial Aid
Committed to making higher education accessible to qualified students of all economic means, MSU has made unprecedented investments in financial aid over the last five years, increasing general fund financial aid by approximately 45% over 4 years
MSU is working to ensure that students receive the best educational value for their tuition dollars.
Efficient Operations
MSU is focused on operating as efficiently and effectively as possible, while meeting the challenge of maintaining quality.
With one of the lowest total energy loads for a university of its size in a northern climate, MSU is reducing energy use, increasing recycling efforts, and reducing waste on campus.
Health Care
In the face of rising health costs nationwide, MSU is keeping down costs while preserving value for stakeholders.
To assure continued quality, MSU is committed to remaining competitive for faculty and staff compensation.
Long-Term Financial Framework
Ongoing investments in a number of critical areas are necessary to sustain MSU’s momentum and ensure continued success.
MSU faces the challenge of declining support for higher education from the State of Michigan, which ranks 40th in the nation for rates of change in funding to higher education over the last five years.

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